Getting Started…Again

Malton Model 01

So getting starting again.

It is always one of those things to do, writing a blog.  And since the last post (TWO years ago – I know), so much as happened.  Namely setting up my own architectural practice, Stead & Co.  I had a few ideas, but then I met with a new client the other evening, and she mentioned that she found my views on colour rather interesting.  Which led to a chat with my Unofficial Technical Director, that yes, quite frankly, I should pull my finger out, and JUST DO IT.

So why did I set up Stead & Co.  Well I just felt it was time to explore my own design work in the widest possible sense.  And why Stead & Co?  In my view, design is rarely done in complete isolation.  As an Architect, I work with Contractors, Landscape Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Planning Consultants as well artists, graphic designers, illustrators, funders and marketeers.  In fact, it is quite a team that brings together a project, and it is my job to facilitate and coordinate this team whilst crafting out a solution to a client’s question.  That team varies.  Not everyone is involved on all projects all the time. Hence the Co. – Stead & Co. is a company that is built on the principle of collaboration and a collective approach to contemporary design.

So to this blog.

Designing buildings and interiors – well, anything for that matter – is not something that just goes Taa Daa, here’s THE solution.  Well not in my experience, anyway.  Projects are crafted. They are crafted out of aspirations, ideas, lifestyles, doodles, words, photographs and sketches.  Sometimes projects become real life built entities, sometimes they do not for a variety of reasons.

Therefore the purpose of this blog is to reveal Stead & Co.’s work in progress, sharing our inspiration, tools, experiments, and yes, even our mistakes. This is how we design, where we design and what we design.